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Main Curriculum
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Toddler Pack Upgrade


The toddler pack is full of amazing information but a few of the pieces need to be updated. Specifically, the old “Surviving Motherhood” is being replaced with two great DVDs, Tantrums! and Painless Parenting for the Preschool Years II. The Tantrums! DVD features Dr. Phelan, the author of 1-2-3 Magic. It includes information on how and what to do when a child is having a tantrum. The Painless Parenting for the Preschool Years II DVD is created by Love and Logic with Dr. Charles Fay leading the discussion on the best ways to parent a toddler. Each of the DVDs is an excellent addition to the toddler pack. Purchase the two DVDs and we will provide you with the 5 updated lessons at no cost.

PLEASE NOTE: As part of this upgrade the homework lessons are being moved to more appropriately fit the subject of the lesson. The updated instruction pages and homework pages will be included in the upgrade.


   5 Lessons Upgraded Lessons (Reg. $19.95 ea.) FREE
   78380TM DVD - Tantrums! $19.95
    (Used in 2 lessons replacing Surviving Motherhood)
   7268PP DVD - Painless Parenting for the Preschool Years II $34.95
    (Used in 3 lessons replacing Surviving Motherhood)
7601EWYL-T16 DVDs and 5 Lessons (PDF) $169.95
Printed Lessons: If you want to avoid the hassle of printing and inserting the updated lessons, simply purchase the options below. We will send each lesson already printed and inserted in sheet protectors ready for you to put in the binder.
7601EWYL-T16P All 5 Upgrade Lessons in Sheet Protectors (No DVDs) $99.75

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